Powerful Report Building and Data Visualization With a Purpose

Active Insights is an expanding construction data warehouse, revolutionizing the way we make decisions for the betterment of our communities. Through seamless integration with LCPtracker’s suite of workforce reporting, certified payroll, and construction site compliance (CSC) modules, along with the data visualization functionalities of Microsoft’s Power BI application – future versions of Active Insights will allow LCPtracker Administrators to build custom reports and dashboards to set, track, and measure data goals.


Data Driven Decisions

Make better, data-driven decisions

Organize and re-purpose your raw labor data, transforming it into a tool to make more informed decisions

Tracking Workforce Goals

Track workforce goals

Monitor your workforce objectives, including worker demographics, local hires, and apprentice ratios

Streamline Reporting

Streamline reporting

Leverage the native integration with the LCPtracker product suite to report on data across your applications

Features in Development

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrates with LCPtracker Pro and the rest of the LCPtracker product suite to allow users to easily and seamlessly report on their data

Custom Report Building

Custom Report Building

Enables users to build advanced custom reports and visual dashboards to measure local hires, apprentice utilization, ROI, and more

Data Sharing Capabilities

Data Sharing Capabilities

Allows the sharing of specific data or reports by allowing users to grant permissions to stakeholders and other third parties

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters

Provides ability to filter by virtually any field, giving users flexibility and a wide array of reporting possibilities

Aggregate Reporting

Aggregate Reporting

Offers ability to perform aggregate data reporting from multiple databases directly from within the Active Insights application

Insights Across Multiple Applications

Insights Across Multiple Applications

Are you using LCPtracker Pro to monitor certified payrolls plus Daily Reporter to cross-check data between CPRs and daily logs? Or maybe OnSite in conjunction with LCPtracker Pro to reconcile field wage interview responses? Active Insights will allow you to track, measure, and report on data across your applications, adding a more robust layer of reporting and data visualization without compromising efficiency.

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