Data Protection

What is Data Security?

To put it simply, data security is the protection and preservation of digital information. This can include anything deemed important and sensitive in nature that needs to retain its confidentiality (kept private), integrity (kept whole or together), and availability (kept accessible). In the context of LCPtracker products and services, it means we strive to prevent unauthorized access, corruption, loss, or theft of data throughout its entire lifecycle.

Data Security


California Consumer Privacy Act
NIST SP 800-171

Data Security

Why is data security important?

In this day and age, data is now believed by many to be more valuable than oil because of the insight and knowledge that can be extracted from it. And unfortunately, data that falls into the wrong hands can be used to obtain some sort of measurable benefit – often to the detriment of the owners of the data. Defending it from corruption and unauthorized access can minimize financial loss, reputational harm, consumer trust degradation, and brand erosion. Once information has been obtained by a cybercriminal, it can be very easy for them to leverage it to hack personal accounts or breach businesses. With everything becoming increasingly interconnected – especially among devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) – cyber security is of the utmost importance.

Why LCPtracker can be trusted

At LCPtracker, information security is a top priority – not only for our clients, but for every individual that uses one of our web applications. We strive to be at the forefront of the latest technological advancements, protocols, and certifications to help keep our products safe from corruption and theft. In doing so, we have implemented processes to make our services SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We have also undergone an independent third-party audit of our compliance with NIST 800-171. Firewalls, data encryption, and a host of other tools and services are leveraged to stop malicious software, DDOS attacks, social engineering, and other evolving threats.
Data Backup

Data accessibility & backup

Data security is not only about keeping information from falling into the wrong hands; it’s also about ensuring it is accessible to the right hands. LCPtracker guarantees at least 99.5% availability of its web applications to its users within a one-year period. In the event of an outage, multiple web app instances in different geographic regions allow users to be redirected to another data center when necessary. LCPtracker also runs nightly backups of all data to a separate data center and additional periodic backups through its cloud database provider, Microsoft’s Azure SQL – both of which allow for a swift disaster recovery.
System Monitoring

System monitoring

All systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from several locations across the country to identify and resolve issues. Additionally, LCPtracker proactively reviews and evaluates data (and its quality) to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Patrick Conlin

Protecting Your Data

Meet LCPtracker’s very own Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Security Officer, Patrick Conlin. Here, at LCPtracker, we place the highest importance on security and privacy, and Patrick is the individual responsible for ensuring that we stay at the forefront of these matters. Hear about the challenges surrounding data security and privacy as well as the systems and measures he and his security team have implemented to help secure our clients’ and users’ data.
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If you are interested in more in-depth explanations and specifications on the technical aspects of LCPtracker’s security measures, check out our Hosted Server Infrastructure, Security, Backup, and Disaster Recovery guide.

You can also check out LCPtracker’s Vanta Trust Report.

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