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Cloud-based single-contractor application for certified payroll reporting



Cloud-based single-contractor application for certified payroll reporting



LCPcertified is a cloud-based certified payroll software application designed to simplify the complexity of generating reports for prevailing wage projects. Ideal for self-performing contractors who are not responsible for other subcontractors’ compliance, LCPcertified allows users to produce certified payroll reports that they can submit to any requesting body. Specialty contractors and subcontractors of all sizes are now able to streamline their reporting efforts and use our solution to help ensure compliance with federal Davis-Bacon certified payroll requirements, as well as other state and local prevailing wage regulations.

With its integration with some of the most widely used payroll solutions in the industry, LCPcertified allows users to easily upload their payroll data and generate certified payroll reports with just a few clicks. The system’s built-in validations and mathematical checks are useful compliance tools to help verify that the data on your reports are accurate and complete, reducing the risk of failed audits and penalties.

For contractors in California, Washington, and Maryland, LCPcertified produces the XML file that can be uploaded to state web portals, like the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), Washington Labor & Industries, and Maryland Department of Labor.

Five key benefits

Save Time
Saves time by streamlining the certified payroll process
Save Money
Saves money by reducing the administrative burden of producing CPRs
Help Avoid Fees
Helps avoid fees for inaccurate filings
Eliminate Physical Storage
Eliminates need for physical storage of CPRs
Access Data Any Time
Allows access to data anytime, anywhere via the cloud-based interface
Davis Bacon Certified Payroll Worker

Watch a 2-minute demo video

Get an inside look of the software with a quick, 2-minute demo video highlighting the features of LCPcertified.

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Core functionality

  • Over 50 powerful validation checks, including state-specific wage determinations*
  • Multiple CPR formats compliant with federal, state, and local reports
  • Batch processing for generating multiple CPRs at once
  • Historical archive of submitted CPRs
  • Distribution of PDF reports via email to pre-defined contacts
  • Payroll data upload compatible with providers like QuickBooks and direct payroll import from Paychex. For a full list of compatible payroll providers, please contact us

* The system maintains California wage determinations and provides ability for users to manually upload wage determinations for other states

Features to Help Meet California Certified Payroll Requirements

  • California prevailing wage rate maintenance and automatic compliance checks prior to submission
  • Application of California-specific craft and classifications for employees
  • XML format option for California Department of Industrial Relations’ website upload

Electronic Production of Certified Payroll Reports

LCPcertified Datasheet



Free for first project

  • First Project Included
  • Payroll Data Import
  • CA DIR XML Export
  • WA State L&I XML Export
  • MD DLLR XML Export
  • State and Federal Reports
  • CA Wage Verification
  • Validation Checks
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Email/Phone Support

Multiple project pricing

After 1st project:

  • $12 Per Report
  • Up to 5 Active Projects: $145/Month
  • Up to 10 Active Projects: $1,300/Year
  • Up to 25 Active Projects: $2,500/Year
  • Up to 50 Active Projects: $3,700/Year
  • Unlimited Active Projects: $7,400/Year

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Starts at $150/Month

  • Bulk Processing
  • Payroll Data Import
  • CA DIR XML Export
  • WA State L&I XML Export
  • MD DLLR XML Export
  • State and Federal Reports
  • CA Wage Verification
  • Auto Distribution
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Summary Reports
  • Email/Phone Support

Multiple project pricing

  • Up to 10 Active Projects: $1,900/Year
  • Up to 25 Active Projects: $3,100/Year
  • Up to 50 Active Projects: $4,300/Year
  • Up to 150 Active Projects: $7,400/Year
  • Up to 250 Active Projects: $10,900/Year
  • Up to 350 Active Projects: $14,600/Year
  • Up to 450 Active Projects: $18,200/Year
  • Contact us for Unlimited Project Pricing (657) 331-4768

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Prevailing Wage Construction Worker Trimming Trees

Case Study

West Coast Arborists

West Coast Arborists (WCA) provides services for professional tree maintenance and management for over 200 municipalities and public agencies throughout the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. WCA has 8 office locations and proudly employs about 800 tree workers and arborists. With over 215 public works projects, maintaining compliance with state-specific and Davis-Bacon certified payroll requirements was a tedious and time-consuming process. WCA was entering all payroll data on paper on a request-only basis for 20 cities. These requests would take an entire week to complete with each averaging a full day of work. Reporting requirements were becoming stricter with the passage of laws such as SB 854 in California, and the need to streamline the process became urgent. The burden of certified payroll reports was only going to continue to increase.

With LCPcertified, West Coast Arborists is now completing payrolls with ample time to spare as well as increased accuracy.

Download the full case study here

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