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LCPtracker offers cloud-based SaaS solutions for construction site compliance, certified payroll and workforce reporting

Whether you are looking for the ability to manage construction labor compliance, submit construction daily reports or labor compliance training, LCPtracker has the nation’s leading construction payroll software solutions and education.



Collect, verify and manage compliance data as well as certified payroll report data from prime contractors and sub-contractors

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Prime Contractor

Collect, produce, verify and manage compliance data including subcontractor reports

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Produce and verify certified payroll reports and labor compliance data independently from prime or agency requirements

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Submit daily reports and other construction site data from your laptop or mobile device

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Upcoming Events

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LCPcertified Product Webinar

Join a free webinar to learn about certified payroll, XML uploads for the California DIR, accounting interfaces, etc.

One-on-one Demo

Request a personal demo and learn about our solutions for compliance management at the construction site.

What our clients have to say

LCPtracker is a powerful web-based software for collecting, verifying, and managing certified
payrolls and other labor compliance related documents.

Anabel Barragan

SGI Construction Management

Director of Construction Re...

“LCPtracker is a great system… it enables you to have accountability and transparency, especially from an owner’s perspective.”

Lenyne Hickson

Arizona DOT

Contract Compliance Program...

”... you can see there is quite an improvement and we love it!”

David Van Diest

San Bernardino Housing Authority

Housing Cost Estimator

“We have the ability get our reports in real time.”

Roseanne Varela

Sandoval County Public Works

Prevailing Wage Contract Ad...

“LCPtracker has been very user friendly; technical support, everybody has been very friendly. It’s been easy to use, easy to understand.”

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