Workforce Manager Certified Payroll Software

Cloud-based application to track and monitor workforce development initiatives

Workforce Manager

Workforce Manager

Cloud-based application to track and monitor workforce development initiatives

Workforce Manager

Workforce Manager

Workforce Manager is a cloud-based application that provides government agencies and prime contractors as well as pre-apprenticeship, outreach, and community-based organizations an efficient, secure, and collaborative way to manage their workforce development programs. The core application allows users to monitor career development initiatives and track vital worker information, such as supportive services, training certifications, placement opportunities, and any barriers to career progress.

To meet the unique needs of users, Workforce Manager offers add-on modules that work seamlessly with the core Intake and Assessment module application. For more information, please submit our contact sales form.

Five key benefits

Effective Tracking Provides effective tracking of individuals in workforce programs
Organization Collaboration Encourages collaboration between organizations and supportive services
Forecast Manpower Availability Provides a tool to assist in forecasting manpower availability
Successful ROI Analysis Allows users to help determine success of program through ROI analysis
Tailoring Application Needs Allows users to tailor application according to program needs
Regional Collaboration (Coming Soon)
Supportive Services
Referral and Placements
Business Economic Impact and Community Development Opportunity (Coming Soon)
Contractor (Coming Soon)
Intake and Assessment

Through the Regional Collaboration module, users can connect with other organizations within their region and piece their data together to show the transformative impact of their workforce development efforts. These actionable insights can then be leveraged to identify hiring gaps in that area and adjust programs accordingly.

  • Collaborate with organizations on scope of program
  • Report on key metrics and ROI of grant dollars, training initiatives, and supportive services programs
  • Share project goals and percentages
  • Provide key data on funding sources

Overcome barriers by collaborating with community partners and supportive services. Through this module, system administrators can securely share worker information with trusted partners, request services, and track the status of those requests directly from within the application.

  • Track supportive services requests
  • Identify and document progress barriers
  • Collect assessment data
  • Provide access to third parties with role-based security enabled

Through the Referrals and Placements module, workers can be easily matched with available job opportunities. System administrators are provided insights on new job postings, available workers, and individuals who have been successfully placed.

  • Post job opportunities
  • Manage referral information
  • Monitor job placement data
  • View summary activity of your organization’s overall worker placements

Available as an add-on module to the core application or used as a stand-alone system, the Business Economic Impact and Opportunity module focuses on supporting and tracking the economic growth of the local community. Collect information about local organizations, notify owners of learning engagements to assist with business growth, and if used in conjunction with the core Workforce Manager application, connect workers seeking job opportunities with businesses looking to hire.

  • Engage local disadvantaged residents and small businesses
  • Identify training and education needs of local residents
  • Track, monitor, and report analytics of student program retentions
  • Track, monitor, and report analytics of small/micro business program

For contractor users, this module will add a more robust layer of tracking that will help gain better insights into their workforce. Track and report on apprentice and journeyman status, specialized skillsets, and training certifications earned. If used in conjunction with LCPtracker Pro, worker data is automatically pulled into Workforce Manager for more insightful workforce reporting.

  • Understand, identify, and bridge gaps in your workforce
  • Track detailed worker information
  • Report on workforce metrics, including apprentices and journeypersons
  • Identify and match workers with projects based on qualifications

As the core module of the Workforce Manager application, Intake and Assessment provides users robust functionalities to support and manage their workforce development program, including worker data collection and career journey tracking.

  • Record personal contact information
  • Track training details and certifications
  • Collect union information
  • Enter notes to document communication about the worker
  • Track basic job placement

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