Workforce Manager Certified Payroll Software

Cloud-based application to track and monitor workforce development initiatives

Workforce Manager

Cloud-based application to track and monitor workforce development initiatives

Workforce Manager

Workforce Manager is a cloud-based application that allows agencies and community groups to manage workforce development programs and track the progress of individuals as they move along their career journey. The application promotes collaboration between organizations through a concept called trusts and entities. An entity (community group/organization) establishes trusts (permissions) with other organizations in an effort to increase the sharing of information and overcome barriers that typically get in the way of successful program completion.

For example, organizations can refer workers to supportive services by simply establishing trusts with that organization and sharing worker information directly from the system. Not only can users share information, but the system also allows users to select which data to share – promoting collaboration without compromising privacy.

Workforce Manager is a stand-alone system that is fully integrated with LCPtracker Pro, which means that if a worker completes the program and begins work on a job that requires prevailing wage certified payroll reports through LCPtracker, organizations have better insights into the ROI of their workforce programs.

Five key benefits

Provides effective tracking of individuals in workforce programs

Encourages collaboration between organizations and supportive services

Provides ability to forecast manpower availability

Allows users to determine success of program through ROI analysis

Allows users to tailor application according to program needs
Workforce Manager Certified Payroll Software

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Core functionality

  • Ability to save worker information and share data with other organizations
  • Cloud-based system backed by world-class security
  • Built-in reports with access to real-time worker data
  • Dynamic data models that can be customized for your program/region
  • Full integration with LCPtracker Pro

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Video Case Study

Challenges of Managing a Workforce Development Program

Workforce development programs are a critical part of our industry. They provide the necessary education, resources, and connections that individuals need to carve a path towards a successful career. Communication and collaboration among agencies, community groups, and supportive services teams are necessary to ensure workers are on track to complete their career journey. Sometimes, however, alignment efforts are hampered by the typical challenges that arise when there are several moving parts and multiple groups involved. This video case study explores workforce development efforts in the Los Angeles area, the challenges the organizations faced, and the solutions implemented to clear their workers’ path towards a bright future.

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