Collaborative and innovative application to track and measure the success of workforce programs

LCPtracker Pro

Workforce Manager

Collaborative and innovative application to track and measure the success of workforce programs

LCPtracker Pro

Workforce Manager

Empower your career development initiatives with Workforce Manager – a highly secure, innovative software solution designed to seamlessly record, assess, and track program participants’ journey from intake to successful career placement. Elevate your commitment to creating impactful career pathways with a comprehensive tool that helps foster collaboration among various workforce initiatives, allows for progress monitoring, and ultimately supports successful transitions into fulfilling careers. Workforce Manager helps identify gaps and overcome career barriers, increasing the overall success of program completion.

To meet the unique needs of your workforce program, Workforce Manager is offered in various configurations. Start off by selecting the appropriate core Intake and Assessment module according to your organization type and add any of the optional modules available to meet your program requirements. Core modules available for:

  • Workforce development organizations
  • Outreach and apprenticeship organizations
  • State and regional apprenticeship organizations (future release)
  • Department of Transportation agencies (future release)

Workforce Manager Modules

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Five key benefits

Program Tracking
Offers transparency and effective tracking of individuals in workforce development programs
Encourages collaboration between community-based organizations and wrap-around service providers
ROI Insights
Facilitates program success tracking and provides valuable ROI insights on service investments
Consolidates worker data in one system to effectively monitor career progress while keeping personal information secure
Job Placements
Facilitates the job placement process by matching skills of program participants with open job opportunities
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Watch a 2-minute demo video

Check out this quick, 2-minute video of Workforce Manager to see how it can transform your workforce development process.

Core functionality

  • Electronic collection, management, and monitoring of participant data to effectively track training and career progress
  • Highly customizable application with the ability to add modules to support your unique workforce program needs
  • LCPtracker Pro integration for enhanced placement, retention, and ROI insights
  • Top security protocols, including SOC 2 Type 2 certification, to keep worker data secure
  • Configurable drop-down options to empower administrators with more tailored access to an individual’s profile
  • Collaborative, partnership-sharing functionalities with configurable permissions to control user access and data management for enhanced security
  • Allows for the monitoring of workforce development initiatives supported by government funding or WIOA grants

Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce Manager Datasheet


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