Delivering seamless integration between payroll data management and certified payroll reporting

LCPcertified, a cloud-based application for certified payroll reporting, has taken administrative efficiency to the next level by introducing a new import feature for payroll data. If you’re a user of both LCPcertified and Paychex platforms, you can now simply click a button to initiate the transfer of payroll records from your Paychex system into LCPcertified. No manual entries or spreadsheet uploads of payroll hours required.

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Save Time

Save Time

Reduce time and effort spent on CPRs by leveraging the integration with Paychex to eliminate manual entries

Increase Administrative Efficiency

Avoid Costly Penalties

Rely on over 50 validation checks, including prevailing wage verifications, to increase accuracy and reduce risk of errors

Simplify Your Process

Simplify Your Process

Retrieve payroll data and complete certified payroll reporting directly from within LCPcertified

Features expertly designed to streamline your CPR process

Validation Checks

Validation Checks

Runs over 50 powerful validation checks, including state-specific wage determinations**, to help increase accuracy

Multiple CPR Formats

Multiple CPR Formats

Supports multiple formats compliant with Federal, State, and local reports

Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Allows users to generate CPRs for multiple projects or multiple weeks simultaneously

Historical Data

Historical Data

Archives data in one centralized location and allows users to access this data on demand

Paychex Integration

Paychex Integration

Imports payroll data from Paychex – no manual entries or spreadsheet uploads required

DIR Upload Format

XML Upload Formats

Features built-in XML file format for easy upload to California’s DIR, Washington State’s L&I, and Maryland’s DLLR websites

See how easy it is to import your payroll data

Check out this quick demo video of how LCPcertified and Paychex work seamlessly to deliver a more enhanced and streamlined certified payroll experience

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**The system maintains California wage determinations and provides ability for users to manually upload wage determinations for other states. ***LCPtracker may share your contact information with Paychex to allow them to advertise their products and services to you. You have the right to request that we do not share your information in this manner by sending us an email at [email protected] and writing “opt out” in the email body or subject line. Your information will not be shared with any other third party. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy on

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