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The City of Pasadena implemented a strong local hire program for the Rose Bowl Renovation and Tenant Improvement Project beginning this year.  This project was estimated to generate between 75 and 100 jobs for Pasadena residents.  In the first 18 months of the Project, there have been 161 residents hired by contractors.  Of those hired, 14.3% of residents lived within one mile of the Project work site, and 77.6% of residents lived within the “northwest area” of Pasadena.  Clark Construction and their subcontractors exceeded the local hiring goal on this reporting period; during the bid process, Clark’s certified payroll data showed that 100% of Craft workers were filled by Pasadena residents.

LCPtracker and its partner company, B2Gnow, were used by the City of Pasadena to help produce this strong local hire plan.  LCPtracker commends the City on using local resources for this major project.  Today the City of Pasadena has over 1,100 people registered in the city’s local hiring database, of which over 430 are confirmed Pasadena residents.

Read the full report here: “The City of Pasadena Local Hire Report” brought to you by LCPtracker.

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