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Emerging from the pandemic: The new tech and innovations for public works construction

We know that the world of public works construction and labor compliance, even post-pandemic, will look a few shades different. So we are exploring the new technologies and innovations that contractors need in this new world of construction.

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New workforce program sells construction as ‘cool’

A new outreach effort aimed at curbing the construction labor shortage takes an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach with a campaign aimed to sell construction careers via a slick marketing package.

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Building better communities through construction workforce development

If you are an employee of a state or local government working in any capacity with the public works sector of construction, there’s a chance you’ve noticed a new trend that is quickly picking up steam. Yes, prevailing wage laws have been around for decades, but they are not the only thing public agencies are monitoring these days in the compliance spectrum.

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AGC of California launches Build California

Today, Associated General Contractors of California and the AGC Construction Education Foundation launched Build California, a comprehensive workforce development initiative created to inspire, engage, and activate the next generation of California’s construction workforce.

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Managing prevailing wage compliance in the digital age

If you’re a contractor and reading this article, you’re likely finding yourself at a crossroads with three possible scenarios: 1) you are considering the idea of taking on public works projects for the first time; 2) you are experienced in the public sector, but finally looking to alleviate the administrative headaches that come with the territory; or 3) you are already leveraging technology to lessen these burdens, but are wondering if there are better options out there.

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The prime contractor’s biggest struggle with prevailing wage compliance

Labor compliance can be a sticky business. Just ask the thousands of contractors who have had to repay millions of dollars in back wages since Davis-Bacon (DBA) and its Related Acts (DBRA) went into effect decades ago. Better yet, talk to the prime contractors that had to pay for their subcontractors’ mistake

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LCPtrackers Workforce Manager delivers Tech-Based solution for Construction industry Workforce Challenge

Construction industry software solution provider LCPtracker, Inc. got its start nearly two decades ago with the creation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution focused primarily on certified payroll and prevailing wage compliance.

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LCPtracker Tracks Pay and Hiring Practices for Prime Contractors

You never know when something you read in the newspaper can change your life. “I was flying back from Sacramento when I read California had passed a $50 billion dollar school bond that required a new prevailing wage and labor compliance programs,” Said Mark Douglas, CEO of LCPtracker. “Well, that software didn’t exist yet. So software developer Luis Ventura, my business partner Loren Doll and I launched LCPtracker to create software to meet that need.”

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Like Everything, Construction Projects are Better with (Davis)-Bacon

Today there is a new and more compelling reason to keep Davis-Bacon and prevailing-wage laws.

The unexpected result of Davis-Bacon and prevailing-wage laws is that they are empowering careers for the American disadvantaged worker. With advances in technology and with laws requiring government agencies to collect wage and worker data, local communities are taking advantage of this information to ensure their worker-hiring programs are successful. The results have been transformative.

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Davis-Bacon: Empowering Communities and Careers in America

Paying workers higher wages means they become self-sufficient instead of becoming dependent on public assistance. This provides a two-fold benefit of improving quality of living and lowering burdens for American taxpayers. In addition, these laws and the technology needed to enforce them have had an unexpected boon—local communities now have the ability to track their disadvantaged worker hiring goals which has proven transformative for both disadvantaged families and for the communities in which they live.

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5 Tips for Successful Certified Payroll Reporting

Luckily for contractors nationwide, technology solutions have evolved alongside the requirements and there are a variety of options for staying ahead of the game with certified payroll reporting software, labor and workforce compliance reporting.
Here are five tips that can help you feel like a labor compliance expert: Pages 21, 23.

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LCPTracker Opens New High-tech Headquarters

The recent grand opening of LCPtracker’s new headquarters in Old Towne marks another milestone in the life of one of the fastest-growing businesses in Orange County. Pages 14-15.

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LCPtracker Provides Prevailing Wage Compliance and Workforce Reporting Software Solutions

LCPtracker allows agencies, prime and subcontractors working on public construction projects to streamline the collection of certified payroll reports, employee demographics, and related labor compliance documentation by allowing primes and subcontractors to electronically submit all required information. LCPtracker’s exclusive validation engine, advanced compliance tools and comprehensive reporting assist clients in ensuring full compliance with prevailing wage and workforce reporting.

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense with Prevailing Wage Projects

Many projects assisted with public funds or programs are subject to a myriad of federal, state and local laws and regulations among them, prevailing wage (PW) and reporting requirements. General contractors, prime or a higher-tier subcontractors working on a PW project are at risk. When undertaking a PW project, you assume PW obligations, responsibilities and liabilities. This article focuses on federal Davis-Bacon (DB) and related provisions, but state and local frameworks often mirror DB principles. So, what did you sign on for?

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Video: CEO Mark Douglas on Critical Mass Radio

MYTH: Prevailing Wage increases construction costs and has a negative impact on the surrounding economy. Listen to LCPtracker’s CEO Mark Douglas bust prevailing wage myths and give the facts on Critical Mass for Business radio show

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