City of New Orleans Lousiana

City of New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005, the City found themselves in the midst of the costliest natural disaster to ever hit the United States. The storm wreaked havoc on both private and public places, leaving much to repair and rebuild, with many citizens out of work and homes. Today, streets, parks, hospitals, public buildings, airport terminals, bridges and other infrastructure make up just some of the 70+ active projects underway. “We are building a city for the future and we are committed to moving New Orleans forward.” said Ashleigh Gardere, Network for Economic Opportunity Executive Director. The City of New Orleans has since developed programs to reinvest in the local community in an effort to not only recreate the metropolis with new, modern infrastructure, but to also reinvigorate the local economy. In October of 2015, Hire NOLA, a local worker participation ordinance, was passed. Hire NOLA seeks to ultimately employ 50% local workers on all City-funded projects by the year 2020, which means there is a colossal amount of tracking and reporting that needs to happen. Starting in 2016 the graduated Hire NOLA goals took effect; with an initial goal of 30% local worker participation city-funded projects, 10% disadvantaged local workers and 10% disadvantaged local apprentice goals. The City needed a way to report their progress.

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Michigan Department of Transportation

Michigan Department of Transportation

9,668 road miles, 4,766 bridges, 665 railroad miles, 4 airports, 85 roadside parks, and 78 rest stops. No, these numbers are not from an epic cross-country road trip. They make up the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the government agency responsible for maintaining and constructing Michigan’s public transportation routes. With an annual budget in the billions, MDOT is responsible for making sure our bikes, feet, and cars have somewhere smooth to travel. In 2015, MDOT executed 750 highway construction projects totaling $1.2 billion. To manage these, MDOT hired 144 prime contractors and 700 subcontractors.

How does MDOT ensure contractors comply with a myriad of government regulations and prevailing wage certified payroll laws? The answer has historically been: a lot of paperwork. Until 2013, MDOT collected and verified their weekly Certified Payroll Reports (CPRs) on paper and stored them in walls of filing cabinets. In 2015 alone, MDOT collected over 20,000 CPRs.

LCPtracker provides the tools and customization MDOT needs to continue serving the citizens of Michigan.

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West Coast Arborists

West Coast Arborists

West Coast Arborists (WCA) provides services for professional tree maintenance and management for over 200 municipalities and public agencies throughout the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. WCA has 8 office locations and proudly employs about 800 tree workers and arborists. With over 215 public works projects, certified payroll reporting was a tedious and time-consuming task of collecting and verifying prevailing wage data. WCA was entering all payroll data on paper on a request-only basis for 20 cities. These requests would take an entire week to complete with each averaging a full day of work. Reporting requirements were becoming stricter with the passage of laws such as SB 854 in California, and the need to streamline the process became urgent. The burden of certified payroll reports was only going to continue to increase.

With LCPcertified, West Coast Arborists is now completing payrolls with ample time to spare as well as increased accuracy.

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