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Holland & Knight, a global Law Firm, has taken the time to compile a comprehensive list of the new labor laws contractors can expect to face in 2015. The 11 listed below are those that will affect the most businesses. For the complete list and detailed explanations of each new law click HERE
1. AB 1522 – Paid sick leave
2. AB 2053 – Employer harassment training must cover “abusive conduct”
3. AB 1443 – Unpaid interns and volunteers entitled to FEHA discrimination and harassment protections
4. AB 2751 – Definition of “unfair immigration-related practices” expanded
5. AB 1792 – Protection from retaliation extended to employees enrolled in the Medi-Cal program
6. SB 1360 – Legally mandated rest and recovery periods, such as “cooldown periods,” count as “hours worked”
7. AB 1897 – Expansion of employer liability to workers obtained from third-party labor contractors
8. AB 2074 – Three-year statute of limitations to recover liquidated damages claim for failure to pay minimum wage
9. AB 1634 – Significant changes to abatement requirements during pending Cal-OSHA appeal
10. AB 326 – Employers may now use email (instead of telegraph) to report serious injuries to DOSH
11. AB 2617 – Employment arbitration agreements cannot waive certain civil rights claims

**Reminder that SB 854 begins enforcement starting this year!

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