Published date: 04/05/2018

Here’s what you need to know about this recently passed Amendment to the California Constitution:

  • SB 1 was originally passed in April of 2017 to help generate $ 5 Billion in revenue annually, which would fund transportation improvements through an increased tax on diesel fuel
  • The funds could only be used for public streets, highways, and public transportation systems
  • The ACA – 5 (effective January 2018) amended the Constitution to add an additional form of revenue for the Transportation Fund through automobile registrations
  • Revenue from both funding sources have been protected by the new amendment so that they cannot be reallocated or applied elsewhere

Click here to read the full Amendment.

Want to learn more about SB 1 and other recently passed bills affecting public works projects  (like AB 851)? Deborah Wilder, President of Contractor Compliance & Monitoring (CCMI), will be leading an educational session dedicated solely to these new bills at the Ignite Conference!

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