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“For generations, Prevailing Wage policies have offered the best value for taxpayers on locally-funded construction projects and boosted local economies. We hope that the cities who tried to block this law will stop wasting precious taxpayer dollars on frivolous litigation, and instead focus on addressing pressing infrastructure needs and creating Middle Class jobs in their communities. SB7 gives them the tools to do just that.”

This statement comes from Dale Howard, spokesperson for Smart Cities Prevail – California’s leading research and education authority on Prevailing Wage issues. SB7 was enacted in 2013 and took affect in January of this year. It is in place to help ensure that prevailing wage is paid on public works projects. Last Friday the San Diego Superior Court heard arguments from both sides of the lawsuit against SB7. It was at this point that San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil affirmed his August 28th ruling upholding SB7.

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