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Managing an entire school district is no easy feat. In addition to the constant juggle of managing priorities and tasks, superintendents also have to oversee construction projects relating to any facility within their district – from painting buildings to renovating gyms. Because these projects are publicly-funded, there is a plethora of requirements involved, chief among them is labor compliance.

Publicly-Funded Construction Projects

Construction projects involving construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings are subject to labor compliance laws, like State prevailing wage laws or the federal, Davis-Bacon Act. Contractors and subcontractors are not only required to pay their workers no less than the prevailing wages for that area but must also produce a Certified Payroll Report (CPR) to document payment to each laborer. To ensure compliance, penalties are imposed for inaccurate or incomplete reports.

In addition to these general requirements, some states have additional requirements, like New York, which requiresschool districts to:

  • Collect CPRs every 30 days
  • Designate one employee to collect and review CPRs for accuracy
  • Maintain payroll reports for 5 years post project completion date
  • Make filing of CPRs by the contractor or subcontractor a condition of payment

How to Leverage Technology to Ensure Compliance

There are software applications on the market today to help school districts wade through the complexities of state and federal compliance requirements. Before deciding on the best application, be sure to select a solution that meets the following criteria:

  • Validates for accuracy and completeness before CPR submission to minimize the administrative task of having to manually review reports
  • Includes an archive feature that stores historical data to meet record-keeping requirements
  • Allows the school district to manage administrative settings to provide greater control over how contractors and subcontractors submit CPRs
  • Has a cloud-based interface for easier access for all parties involved

LCPtracker provides an industry leading, labor compliance solution that takes the guesswork out of producing Certified Payroll Reports for school construction projects. For more information, check out

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