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Customer Service – How LCPtracker Support Can Help You

by Stacey Doll

Data and Support/Documentation Training Manager

Did you know LCPtracker has several tools available to assist you besides calling or emailing our support staff? We have videos you can watch 24/7 when you log in with your user id as well as training documents that can walk you through issues you may be having.  All free and available to you as a user of LCPtracker; just log in and click on the eTraining link at the top of your screen. We can even do personalized trainings (small fee).

Besides the eTraining 24/7 videos or the training documents, LCPtracker currently offers webinars for Contractors, Administrators, and Prime Approvers. NOTE: The Prime Approvers class is a special class designed for accounts that have had that feature turned on. If you do not know if you have this feature, please ask one of our Support Staff.

For Contractors, we currently offer a repeated webinar training class three times a week – Tuesdays at 9:00am and Thursdays at 7:30am and 11:00am all times Pacific Standard Time, if not on the West Coast be sure to adjust to your time zones. Here is a conversion site: . Our trainers will lead you through the use of LCPtracker from entering your employees into the system, to uploading any required edocuments, to entering payroll records and how to certify through the system so that your project administrator can see them.

For Administrators, we currently offer an Administrative Overview (Mondays); Project Owner/Administrator Overview of Standard Reports (Wednesday) and Project Owner Prevailing Wage Class (Wednesday). For exact dates please log into your account and see the schedule.

Administrators receive an in-depth training upon start-up of their agency account. These webinars are meant as refreshers or for new users that just need a little understanding on how to use LCPtracker.

After you have done any of the above training options and if you still have an issue, you need assistance from Support Staff who is available M-F from 5am to 5pm PST. To better serve you each and every time you contact support either by phone or email, please always have ready:

  • Your name
  • Your call back phone number
  • Your User ID, and if you have several agencies you are working for, please be sure to state which agency it is that you need assistance with
  • What the issue is

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