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Payroll Upload Options

By Crystal Moreno

Support Technician


Everyone should know how to manually enter payrolls, even those that choose to electronically upload their records. Contractors and subcontractors using LCPtracker predominately use the web data entry screens. It typically takes an average subcontractor about 3 minutes per employee to enter a payroll record. The total average time for a subcontractor to enter an entire week’s Certified Payroll Report (CPR) is 30 minutes. Subcontractors that have less than 15 employees will most likely choose the web data entry method.


The direct payroll system interface to LCPtracker allows the use of existing export files from payroll systems as the upload source. Typically, this will be the existing Certified Payroll Report (CPR) that is in an electronic format such as CSV or PDF. With one file, our DPI staff have the ability to create a custom model that satisfies your company’s particular needs.


Contractors can enter CPR data into LCPtracker with a direct upload of all employee payroll data in one file. Contractors with more than 15 employees should consider this method. This can be accomplished by utilizing the spreadsheet provided by LCPtracker. In some cases, this spreadsheet directly interfaces to the subcontractor’s accounting system. A subcontractor can map the data from their accounting system to the spreadsheet provided. When using this option or the DPI method, you will need to set up craft matching.


Some pre-defined spreadsheet interfaces are already available from specific accounting companies for no charge, while others have a small fee. Check the list of accounting system partners to see if your accounting software is listed.

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