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Published date: 09/25/2019

Orange, Calif., September 25, 2019 – LCPtracker, Inc., the industry’s leading provider for prevailing wage and construction site compliance, announced today a partnership with Associated General Contractors (AGC) of California to establish Build California, a new workforce development initiative which aims to boost the appeal of construction careers and “inspire, engage, and activate” the future construction workforce in the state.

As part of this partnership, Build California is implementing LCPtracker’s new collaborative software tool, Workforce Manager, which helps connect all organizations that contribute to an individual’s professional development. The application also allows for a more seamless transition into these jobs and provides an effective way to measure the return on workforce investments.

“Having LCPtracker as a founding partner of Build California is invaluable to achieving our objectives,” said Erin Volk, Vice President, Workforce & Community Development, and Executive Director of the AGC Construction Education Foundation. “Workforce development is such a critical matter for the future of the construction industry. Managing it effectively will require an efficient way to record progress and make it visible to every stakeholder. Organizations may have struggled with in the past, but they don’t need to anymore.”

“We’re thrilled to contribute to such an important objective,” said Amanda Hesse, Business Unit Director of Workforce Manager at LCPtracker. “The industry needs a stronger workforce, and we are confident that Build California will be critical in accomplishing this goal. And with an application like Workforce Manager powering this initiative, entities now have the infrastructure in place to keep track of a worker’s progress throughout their career, from pre-apprenticeships and other supportive service programs, to the journeymen level and beyond.”

To learn more about Build California, visit https://buildcalifornia.com.

To learn more about Workforce Manager, visit https://www.lcptracker.com/lp/workforcemanager/demo.

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