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Top 5 Ways Primes Can Overcome Prevailing Wage Compliance Challenges

Do you know your compliance responsibilities as the prime contractor on your government-funded project? Primes are held liable for the compliance of all contractors performing work on the project – from your first-tier contractors all the way down to your lower-tier subs. This means you have to make sure that your contractors are paying the correct prevailing wages to their employees, submitting certified payroll reports, calculating the correct overtime rate, and so on. But how do you stay on top of the compliance of your contractors so you can avoid the potential penalties and fines of not complying with prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon regulations?

In this latest eBook, we answer this question and explore the top 5 best practices that prime contractors add to their labor compliance process to mitigate their risks.

Key takeaways from this eBook:

Basics of prevailing wage compliance requirements

Compliance responsibilities of public agencies versus contractors

Most common administrative challenges that contractors face

Processes and protocols that every prime should have in place

Solutions that mitigate the risks inherent with public works projects

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