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Advanced tablet-based application for construction site compliance interviews



Advanced tablet-based application for construction site compliance interviews



OnSite is an easy-to-use tablet application that allows government agencies and prime contractors to manage labor compliance through field interviews on the jobsite. OnSite is ideal for public works projects with prevailing wage certified payroll requirements and/or other related federal, state, and local labor laws.

Users can perform on-site verification of a worker’s identification, craft/classification, wages (including overtime pay, proper deductions, fringe benefits, etc.), and other compliance-related data. No access to a wireless network in the field? No problem. OnSite can be used offline and the data will sync as soon as network connectivity is available.

Plus, OnSite is fully integrated with LCPtracker Pro, which means the system can automatically cross-check interview results with the data that contractors report on their certified payroll reports in LCPtracker to help ensure that the activities on the jobsite are being accurately reflected on payrolls.

Five key benefits

Save Time Saves time by streamlining interview recording process
Eliminating Data VerificationIncreases accuracy by eliminating need for manual data verification
Providing valuable InsightProvides valuable insights through the system’s built-in report
Conducting InterviewsProvides option to conduct interviews in areas without network access
Custom Interview FormsOffers users the option to customize and create their own interview form
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Get an inside look of the application with a quick, 90-second demo video highlighting the key features of OnSite.

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Core Functionality

  • Tablet-based application available on both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Ability to electronically conduct, edit, save, and store field interviews
  • Fully integrated with LCPtracker Pro’s certified payroll reporting software to provide automatic verification of interview data
  • Compatible with any customized site interview form
  • Offline mode feature that saves data without network connectivity
  • Built-in reports for a quick summary of interview results
  • Fingertip signature feature that captures hand-scribbled signatures electronically

The Ideal Solution for Field Interviews On The Construction Site

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