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Alliant Consulting

The Challenge

With two decades of industry experience and over 3,000 projects worth of compliance oversight under their belt, Alliant Consulting stands as one of the leading Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage consulting firms in the country. But when an organization provides services for as many projects and clients as they do – including renewable energy companies, construction management and engineering firms, developers, prime contractors, subcontractors, government agencies, etc. – it becomes painfully obvious that doing everything manually won’t cut it. Because one project doesn’t necessarily equate to one entity; it often means overseeing tens or hundreds of contractors – quickly adding up to thousands per year with all the projects they take on.

First and foremost, Alliant faced several challenges in managing certified payroll reports (CPRs). Chief among these was the submission of paper files from contractors, which made the process time-consuming and overwhelming for its team. For one, they were at the mercy of the mail service. It would take days for documents to arrive, which meant compliance mistakes may not be caught right away. This, of course, bled into the second issue that bogged things down: reviewing the CPRs.

Alliant Consulting Case Study

To truly provide their clients top-notch service, Alliant needed to be diligent in their efforts to verify that the thousands of CPRs submitted annually were accurate and compliant. Every report had to be reviewed individually, and, to complicate things further, submissions were often inconsistently formatted (or even handwritten in some cases). “We needed a system that would capture certified payroll information in a format that was easy to navigate and consistent across all contractors,” says Alliant’s CEO, Christa Scott. “We were looking for something to make our lives easier!”

The exorbitant amount of time Alliant used to spend scrutinizing documents was drastically reduced because the system would flag violations and require contractors to correct mistakes before submitting.
Our Solution

The Solution

Alliant Consulting found that solution in LCPtracker Pro. Not only did it allow them to standardize how contractors would submit CPRs and other compliance documentation, but it also provided a safe and secure way to facilitate it. Everything was submitted electronically through a SOC 2 Type 2 application and accessible in one centralized place.

While Alliant considered multiple other options on the market, there was a combination of features that set LCPtracker Pro apart. First, it allowed their contractors multiple options to import payroll data into the system so that they wouldn’t have to enter it onto CPRs manually. Second, Alliant could leverage the application’s comprehensive mathematical and logical checks to automatically identify potential mistakes and violations. And third, the software provided a robust reporting feature that quickly compiled aggregate labor and workforce data to help their clients meet other various project requirements.


The most important benefit Alliant Consulting discovered with LCPtracker Pro was the time and effort it saved its staff. With electronic submission, documents were received much faster. With consistent formatting, they were much easier to review. And, as CEO Christa Scott puts it, “the exorbitant amount of time Alliant used to spend scrutinizing documents was drastically reduced because the system would flag violations and require contractors to correct mistakes before submitting.”

On top of that, compiling data to meet their clients’ additional reporting requirements is now as easy as a few simple clicks under LCPtracker Pro’s reporting module. This – combined with the ability to set specific CPR requirements on a per project basis – allowed Alliant to tailor the system to each client’s needs and capture only what was relevant. Ultimately, this efficiency and time savings allowed their staff to be more thorough in their oversight and add more value to the services they provide their clients.

About Alliant Consulting

Established in California in 2003, Alliant Consulting’s comprehensive range of services includes prevailing wage oversight, tailored training, and meticulous auditing services for all 50 states. They have a team of over 40 professionals specializing in prevailing wage and apprenticeship consulting. The company makes it their mission to assist their clients with project labor compliance by leveraging their expertise, resources, and industry connections. Alliant takes great pride in the work they do, the foundation it is built on, and the people they protect.

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