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LCPtracker is a powerful cloud-based, prevailing wage and workforce compliance/management solution. It is ideal for Agencies and Prime Contractors working on construction projects who need to generate Certified Payroll Reports and may need to track and enforce detailed worker information for compliance and workforce reporting. The software is comprehensive, easy to deploy, configurable, user-friendly, highly scalable, and time-tested in thousands of construction projects throughout the nation.

The core LCPtracker validation system checks payrolls for local, state, and federal Davis-Bacon wage and labor compliance by flagging any error or omission discrepancies the contractor may have on a report. Our software streamlines the process of inputting payrolls for contractors by interfacing with top payroll companies or a simple three step manual reporting process. Administrators can easily view, approve or reject payrolls and provide immediate feedback to contractors.

Our system currently helps Agencies and Primes manage projects worth over $80 Billion.

Core Functionality

  • Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon compliance and reporting
  • Workforce demographics tracking and reporting (EEO, Disadvantaged, Local, Hire/Residency, Training/Apprentice, Workforce Analysis)
  • Living and minimum wage tracking
  • Document tracking
  • Contractor and administrator communications
  • Ability to import payroll and employee data from numerous payroll systems
  • Ability to create files for importing into government compliance monitoring systems
  • Extensive reporting

Five key benefits

  1. Saves time for the agency, prime and subcontractor.
  2. Saves money by reducing the administrative work
  3. Cloud-based, highly automated system streamlines processes
  4. Dramatically reduces the risk of fines and negative audits
  5. World-class support by the LCPtracker Support team

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White Papers

Davis-Bacon Streamlining and Labor Compliance: Electronic Reporting Systems


Features & Benefits

Web-Hosted Service

  • Quick setup, immediate access with a web browser
  • Highly secure, ensuring the safety of payroll data
  • No additional costs for hardware or software Efficiencies
  • Clients experience a 50% - 80% reduction in administrative work
  • Seamless interface with standard payroll accounting systems
  • Automatic checking of Certified Payroll Reports for compliance
  • Automatic logging and filing of Certified Payroll Reports
  • Ability to identify problems when they first occur so prompt action can be taken
  • Automatic notification of compliance violations

Electronic Documents

  • Electronic submittal of all documents from contractor
  • Set mandatory submission rules for electronic documents
  • Post any form or document for contractor/subcontractor use

Electronic Submission

  • Ability to create files for importing into government compliance monitoring systems such as California DIR XML, Maryland CPR Upload, BRJP (City of Boston), ENG3180 (Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Eliminates the need to print, sign, mail and store CPRs


  • Over 70 standard reports come with the system - Unified Certified Payrolls, workforce utilization, ethnicity, goals, apprentice reports, etc.
  • Tailor ad-hoc reports to suit your needs

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January 28, 2019


LCPtracker Pro

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