What is California’s DAS 142 form and how do you fill it out?

In our previous blog post, we covered one of the fundamentals of apprenticeship compliance for public works projects in California – namely, how to fill out the DAS 140 form and where to send it to remain compliant. A natural segue from that discussion would be the next step in the process: requesting that apprentices be dispatched […]

Staying Compliant with California Apprenticeship Requirements: Understanding the DAS 140 Form

One of the many aspects of compliance that public works contractors in California need to keep in mind is the state’s distinct set of regulations involving apprentices. This should hardly come as any surprise for those experienced with work in the golden state; it’s known to be among the most stringent when it comes to […]

Why You Should Go Digital with Prevailing Wage Compliance… Now

Congrats! You’ve successfully won the bid as a prime contractor on a Davis-Bacon / prevailing wage project. You’ve been the prime on a few projects in the past so you’re pretty familiar with your responsibilities. You start putting together your subcontracts, diligently reviewing them to make sure you’ve included the required Davis-Bacon information, such as […]

Misclassifications: A Fast Track to Fines and Penalties

Let’s continue the conversation about the most frequent issues contractors struggle with when it comes to prevailing wage. Today’s topic: misclassifications. Yes, this one might seem more nuanced on the surface, but it is actually one of the most prevalent and pervasive mistakes made in the public works construction industry (just google it – you’ll […]

California’s Skilled & Trained Workforce Requirements: Q & A with Deborah Wilder

Today we sat down with Deborah Wilder, President of Contractor Compliance & Monitoring Inc., for a quick Q & A session about California’s Skilled and Trained Workforce requirements. Deborah offers some brief insights and a teaser of what she’ll be covering in an upcoming webinar she will be hosting on the topic with LCPtracker on […]

Prevailing Wage Investigations & the Most Common Contractor Errors

So here’s the thing: investigations might capture your interest and elicit excitement when you’re watching an episode of CSI or your favorite crime-related tv show. But they’re no fun when you are the one being investigated. Any contractors that have worked on publicly-funded construction projects often and consistently enough can attest that it’s an unavoidable part of […]

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