Are Truck Drivers Covered on Davis-Bacon Projects?

    One of the more common questions on Davis-Bacon covered projects that we hear about involves trucking. Trucking? Don’t Davis-Bacon requirements just apply to construction work? Well, my friends, this is one area of the Davis-Bacon Act (or DBA for short) where it gets a little nuanced and you need to dive a little deeper. What’s […]


    Keeping Investigations at Bay on Public Works Projects

    When public works contractors sign up for a project, they better know what they are getting themselves into. What does that mean exactly? Well, on any construction project where federal funds are involved, Davis-Bacon requirements apply. And contractors need to be well-versed in the various nuances of federal prevailing wage, like certified payroll reports (CPR), […]


    Prevailing Wage Compliance: Taking on a Whole New Look

    By Labor Law Attorney, Deborah Wilder Just like 9/11 changed security in this country and around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic will change how we do business. For us in the construction industry, we were lucky that disruptions were minimal, and for the most part, work was only halted in areas that had the worst […]


    Underutilized Features of LCPtracker That Save Contractors Time

    We sat down today with LCPtracker’s Director of Client Services, Aliecia Taormina, for a quick Q & A session discussing user support and a few of the more underutilized tools and features that some contractors may not be taking advantage of in LCPtracker products. Q: In light of everything that’s going on right now with […]


    California’s Skilled & Trained Workforce Requirements: Q & A with Deborah Wilder

    Today we sat down with Deborah Wilder, President of Contractor Compliance & Monitoring Inc., for a quick Q & A session about California’s Skilled and Trained Workforce requirements. Deborah offers some brief insights and a teaser of what she’ll be covering in an upcoming webinar she will be hosting on the topic with LCPtracker on […]


    Prevailing Wage Investigations & the Most Common Contractor Errors

    So here’s the thing: investigations might capture your interest and elicit excitement when you’re watching an episode of CSI or your favorite crime-related tv show. But they’re no fun when you are the one being investigated. Any contractors that have worked on publicly-funded construction projects often and consistently enough can attest that it’s an unavoidable part of […]


    The Prime Contractor’s Greatest Challenge with Prevailing Wage Compliance

    Prevailing wage: quite possibly two of the most unpleasant words for a contractor to hear when working on a construction project. Why? Because prevailing wage compliance is fraught with complexities that at times seem to warrant a small army of law experts to decipher. But knowing the fundamentals goes a long way… Primes Acting Like […]


    Latest Tech Trends, Prevailing Wages, and the Labor Shortage

    Today, we sat down with LCPtracker’s CEO, Mark Douglas, for a Q&A session on the construction industry’s technology trends, prevailing wage compliance, and the future of construction. Check out what Mark has to say about the industry’s hottest topics below. Q: What has it been like to play a part in the technological shift in […]


    Leveraging Mobile Technology for Construction Site Compliance

    A dollar saved is a dollar earned – a valuable phrase for any smart organization looking to increase profitability. When the cost of business increases, it’s only natural to look for ways to maintain margins. Often, this means investing in processes that maximize efficiency and reduce costs. And for a construction industry struggling with project delays […]


    The New Age Contractor: Simplifying Certified Payroll

    The Technological Shift In the last few years, the construction industry has been undergoing a technological shift – not only out on the field, but within the office as well. Contractors and similar parties have turned to new technologies to streamline their processes of obtaining and tracking information. This shift has become increasingly vital to […]


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