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    17 Things You NEED to Know About SB 854 Requirements in California

    The Electronic Certified Payroll Reporting Requirement Will Resume 8/1/2016 There are some very important changes being implemented by SB 854 for California contractors on January 1st, 2015. We understand that keeping up with new regulations and laws is a challenge so we have compiled this list of the 17 most important things you need to […]


    US DOL and New Hampshire Join Forces

    Misclassification has been plaguing  the construction industry for far too long. It deprives hard working employees of their rightful wages and can deny them access to important benefits such as overtime compensation, insurance, family and medical leave, and retirement benefits, on top of adding extra pressure and unfair competition to law-abiding companies who are unable to compete. […]


    Oregon’s Long Trail to Recovery

    It is no surprise that the construction industry in Oregon is far below the peak reached in 2007. This is the way that bubbles of any sort work. Once the burst occurs, much time is needed to recollect and rebuild. However, now nearly seven years later, a new study by the Oregon Employment Department has […]


    5 Things You Need to Know About Assembly Bill 1897

    California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill 1897 which has redefined project management responsibility and who is accountable when laws are being broken. For your convenience we have broken down the Bill into the 5 things you need to know: 1)      The Bill defines a “Client Employer” as an individual or entity that obtains […]


    How Not to be Part of the Problem- LCPtracker

    We have all heard tales of Wage Theft but did you know that it costs workers millions of dollars every year? All too often workers toil away with no benefits and no assurance that they will actually be paid for the hours that they work, let alone at the proper rate. To an employer, skimming […]


    New Bill Would Set the PACE for Apprenticeships -LCPtracker

    Apprenticeships are key to building a skilled workforce, the Promoting Apprenticeships for Credentials and Employment Act (PACE Act) aims to support registered apprenticeship programs and help better prepare young and new  workers for jobs in important highly skilled industries. The PACE act, introduced by  Mark Pocan, a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, along with Education […]


    New Rule for Transparency Proposed by Department of Labor

    “Workers cannot solve a problem unless they are able to identify it. And they cannot identify it if they aren’t free to talk about it without fear of reprisal” -Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Director, Patricia A. Shiu. A new rule has been proposed by the Department of Labor that would allow employees to […]


    California Court Officially Affirms New Prevailing Wage Law

    “For generations, Prevailing Wage policies have offered the best value for taxpayers on locally-funded construction projects and boosted local economies. We hope that the cities who tried to block this law will stop wasting precious taxpayer dollars on frivolous litigation, and instead focus on addressing pressing infrastructure needs and creating Middle Class jobs in their […]


    Have You Noticed the Important Shift in Construction Culture?

    When one thinks of construction they often think of the archaic methods of project management involving copious amounts of paperwork and companies that will be slow to move toward time-saving technologies that could overhaul efficiency. You may be surprised to learn that is not the case. According to a Construction Executive article written by Dan Conery, the […]


    Benefits of Electronic Reporting Systems

    Overview Electronic Reporting Systems Electronic reporting systems offer enormous benefits that accrue to employers (contractors and subcontractors), prime contractors and agencies. This paper focuses on payroll and related reporting associated with construction work covered by the Davis-Bacon Act or its Related Acts.  However, these benefits likewise accrue to parties involved in construction work subject to […]


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