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    New York City Court Overthrows Prevailing Wage

    New York Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright struck down a New York City requirement for landlords and companies receiving economic aid from the city to pay workers prevailing wage. Wright said it was preempted by the state’s minimum wage law; the new measure would have raised the minimum wage for some private employees. The court […]


    California Prevailing Wage Law

    California’s prevailing wage law has been in place for more than 50 years. It is the law of the land for federal and state public works projects. In government contracting, a prevailing wage is the hourly wage paid to the majority of workers, laborers and mechanics within one specific geographic area. Currently it is not […]


    Using Public-Private Partnerships on Transit Projects

    Public-private partnerships are becoming more popular in the construction industry. Government agencies do not have the time, or in some cases, legal authority to borrow the entire cost of a project at once. Therefore, more of these types of arrangements are being used as an “availability payment” option. The contractor would build the project and […]


    Update: Missouri Prevailing Wage Bill

    Missouri State House Bill 34 will now become law without the Governor’s signature. The bill was initially started to help rural school districts save on construction and repair costs. It is now a bill that will apply to all public works projects and no longer allow Kansas City and St. Louis union rates to determine […]


    The Staff Corner: July 2013

    Payroll Upload Options By Crystal Moreno Support Technician MANUALLY ENTERING PAYROLL RECORDS Everyone should know how to manually enter payrolls, even those that choose to electronically upload their records. Contractors and subcontractors using LCPtracker predominately use the web data entry screens. It typically takes an average subcontractor about 3 minutes per employee to enter a […]


    2013 LCPtracker User Conference Video

    The LCPtracker & B2Gnow 2013 User Training Conference was a great success in Chicago, IL. State Agencies, prime contractors, and general contractors participated in training sessions on LCPtracker and B2Gnow software as well as industry updates. LCPtracker’s video with client testimonials and a conference overview is now uploaded to the YouTube channel. View the video here and […]


    Public Works Prevailing Wage Bill Advances

    The California Assembly Local Government Committee has approved legislation, Senate Bill 7, that would effectively have charter cities require higher prevailing wage rates regardless of where the funding originates. If cities do not comply, they could be barred from any future state funding. The legislation was introduced in response to a 2012 state Supreme Court ruling that upheld […]


    Cleaner Way of Obtaining Energy

    Duke Energy located in Indiana, opened up a 618-megawatt advanced technology coal gasification plant. This power plant is one of the world’s cleanest coal-fired power generating facilities. The plant uses advanced technology to gasify coal, strip out pollutants, and then burn that cleaner gas to produce electricity. The technology substantially reduces the environmental impact of burning coal to […]


    Missouri Adjusts Prevailing Wage

    The Missouri Senate signed a bill, House Bill 34, last month to modify how prevailing wage is calculated to make it more economical for rural communities. In many areas of the state, the wages required for government projects are above those paid in the private sector, up to 10 times more. The changes will encourage more […]


    The Staff Corner: May 2013

    Multi-Funded Projects: Apprenticeship Regulation/ California vs. Federal  Written by: Korina Contreras Support Manager At the moment, there is no mandatory training program for Federal Davis-Bacon projects. If an employer is enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program they are subject to that program’s Federal Apprenticeship Regulations. If the job is funded by State AND Federal regulations […]


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