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    Kickoff of B2Gnow and LCPtracker Systems

    This past week we hosted a couple of training/presentation sessions to kick off the use of the B2Gnow and LCPtracker hosted web-based contract and labor compliance systems, that was implemented through a joint effort  between the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Businesses (OSDB), Engineering and Construction’s (E&C) Compliance staff, and Technology. I’d like to share a […]


    E-Verify Law in Pennsylvania

    Effective January 1, 2013, in the state of Pennsylvania, all public works contractors and sub-contractors will be mandated to use and enroll in E-Verify. Public work is defined as construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, and/or repair work other than maintenance done under contract in excess of $25,000. Under the new law, The Public Works Employment Verification Act, public […]


    California Supreme Court Changes Prevailing Wage Rule for Charter Cities

    Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos, Carlsbad and more than 100 other California charter cities don’t have to pay union-like wages on construction projects funded by local tax dollars, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. Vista claims to have saved an estimated $2 million on labor by paying less than “prevailing rates” when it spent $100 million on a […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Mixed Funding Projects

    A pure Davis-Bacon project is easy to spot because the main contract is between the prime contractor and the U.S. Department of XXXX. The work is performed on a military base (Department of Defense), for a federal penitentiary or courthouse (Department of Justice), the U.S. Post Office, or The Army Corp of Engineers, etc. Prevailing wage gets […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Withholding and Debarment

    A prime contractor is ALWAYS the guarantor of prevailing wages due to a worker on a project. That means if your subcontractor goes out of business, leaves the country or just flat does not pay his/her workers the correct prevailing wage rate, the prime contractor will be responsible to see that those wages are paid. Whether or […]


    GOT LCPtracker

    Our Social Media Sites allows you to express your thoughts, concerns, suggestions and opinions directly to us. LCPtracker has gone social and we want you to join! 2012 social Media Giveaway is here:  What do to do win: 1. Comment about our User Conference. 2. Upload a picture 3. Tag your location at the 2nd […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Statute of Limitations & Burden of Proof

    The time period when a claim can be made against a contractor for unpaid wages is generally 2 years, 3 years if the violation is found to be willful. It is recommended that contractors keep all certified payrolls and related documents for at least three years from the completion of the project. In any investigation relating to […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Trainees & Helpers

    Unless the specific Davis-Bacon wage classification recognizes a Trainee or Helper as one of the specified classifications, then a contractor may not pay workers less than the specified prevailing wage rate for the classification of worker. Persons registered and receiving on-the-job training in a construction occupation under a program that has been approved in advance by DOL’s Employment […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Apprentices

    A contractor may employ apprentices and pay the applicable apprenticeship rate only for those individuals who are properly enrolled in a Bureau of Apprenticeship Training (BAT) program. The BAT may have agreements with various state apprenticeship agencies so that many (but not all) apprenticeship programs have both BAT and local state approval. Only those workers […]


    Federal Davis-Bacon Requirements: Electronic Payroll Reporting & Posters

    The Department of Labor (DOL) does accept the electronic submission of certified payrolls. There are several services available whereby a contractor may complete certified payroll through a web-based program and have the information submitted electronically to the agency. The “electronic signature” is accepted for the purposes of “certifying the payroll”. WH-347 forms can also be […]


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