9 Things You Need to Know About AB 566 in CA

    AB 566 in California is Looking to Track Apprentices AB 566 applies to all persons, firms, or corporations performing construction on a school district site including, but not limited to, prime contractors and subcontractors specializing in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing As of January 1, 2016, at least 30 percent of the skilled journeypersons employed to […]


    LCPtracker, ECC Partner on National Construction Apprenticeship Assistance Program, Skills Build Us!

     The United States is facing a growing shortage of skilled construction workers, and the gap is expected to approach 2 million by 2018. Additionally, the latest Associated General Contractors of America survey has found that 83% of construction firms are having trouble finding qualified workers. And the challenge to employers is compounded by 17% of […]


    LCPtracker Reports Incredible Success at 6th Annual User Conference

    LCPtracker, Inc., leader in construction compliance management software solutions for public works, enjoyed record-breaking attendance and overall success at their 6th Annual “LCPtracker User Conference,” held earlier this month, May 31st-June 3rd at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa.  This User Conference surpassed expectations with an over 40% attendance increase from previous years. Attendees […]


    Offsite, Modular, and , Prefabricated Construction

    It is said that prefabrication will be an accelerating trend this upcoming year.Offsite, modular, or prefabricated construction has become a popular method of structure construction offering benefits such as reduced construction time, less waste and possible financial cost reduction. Companies have turned to ‘prefab’ as an option that offers more certainty while they struggle with […]


    Plague to the Construction Industry

    The construction industry is in need of workers from all backgrounds to fill in, but most importantly: it needs experienced, skilled workers.  During the economic recession, almost 2 million workers were laid off. Now that the economy is improving, the construction industry needs those skilled workers back. However, those experienced workers have either already found […]


    False Allegations on Project Labor Agreements

    The San Diego Union-Tribune posted an article on July 28, 2015 by columnist Steven Greenhut arguing that Project Labor Agreements would increase the cost of school construction in California. Along with his article, Greenhut listed several questionable sources including a study done by The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). This group is anti-union and paid for the study […]


    Why Repealing Prevailing Wage Laws Costs States More Money

    Wisconsin recently proposed repealing its prevailing wage law in hopes to save money. In reality this measure will cost the state nearly 9,000 jobs, $1.2 billion in revenue, $77 million in tax revenue, and will export around $500 million in construction investments out of state according to a study done by Smart Cities Prevail and Colorado State University. The data in this study […]


    New Prevailing Wage Laws Passed in Massachusetts

    Some construction workers know what its like to go for weeks without pay, to be paid less than promised, and to not receive overtime pay when they work it. They are hired strategically as independent contractors by bad actors looking to save on job costs. This wage theft has become an epidemic across the residential construction […]


    What Do Pot Holes and Ice Cream Have in Common?

    They both make us scream! That is why Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream of Shelby, Michigan has created a brand new “Michigan Pot Hole”  flavor.  This flavor features “thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt,” a very creative take on the classic Rocky-Road flavor. However, Michigan Pot Hole is not just your everyday sweet tooth satisfying, hot […]


    U.S. Now Divided 25 to 25 After Wisconsin Passes Right-To-Work Bill

    With Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signing the Right-To-Work bill into law, the country is now officially split in half over the 1947 Taft-Hartley amendments to the National Labor Relations Act. The last time a Right-to-Work Bill was passed was in 2012 in both Indiana and Michigan, but other states are in talks of passing similar bills. […]


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